New Gaia White

White Dry Wine

Protected Geographical Indication Heraklion

Grape varieties: Vilana & Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Wider area of Archanes and Peza.

Terroir: Altitude of 350-400 meters, hillside vineyards, argillo-calcareous soil, royat pruning, yields of 52-65hl/ha. Vines of over 10 years of age, produce wine with round body and moderate acidity.

Oenology: Pre-fermentation with cold extraction for 4 hours. Fermentation at 15-19°C with selected yeasts which unfold and enhance the aromas of the two varieties.

Name: New Gaia means New Earth/Land. A promise for an exciting journey to a new land of memorable flavours.

Personality: Clear pale yellow colour with greenish highlights, dominant aromas of exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) on a citrus background (lemon, citron). Fresh and fruity on the palate.