our History

Mediterra Winery (Creta Olympias S.A.), was founded in 1973 in the district “Kounavi” of the municipality “Nikos Kazantzakis” of Heraklion, Crete. Its main activity is the production of bottled, high quality wines from indigenous and foreign grape varieties.

In 2005, Mediterra Winery becomes a member of DEMCO Group of Companies, owned by Mr Contominas. This signifies a turning point for the company, entering a dynamic reorganization phase aiming to become one of the major winemaking forces in the country.

In 2008, a large investment project of 2.5 million euros is completed, in order to increase the production capacity of the winery by acquiring new tanks, machinery and equipment, to modernize the bottling line and the chemical lab, to improve the building facilities and the surrounding area, to create a new wine cellar of 400 barrels capacity and a visitors’ room which includes a showroom, a tasting room and a conference room.

Today, Mediterra Winery holds a leading position among the country’s top wine-making firms. It features a fully equipped and modern winery of 40.000hl capacity, in the wine region of Peza, and fully organized sales, marketing and exports departments, employing 25 high expertise employees.

Our wines have won full recognition among the consumers for their excellent quality and taste, being the best “value for money” choice.