Palia Varelia | Old Barrels

Natural Sweet Wine, Aged in Oak, 1999

Varieties: Kotsifali

Area: Archanes, Agies Paraskies and Stironas of Heraklion.

Terroir: Vineyards of low yield, altitude of 450m to 550m,  25 to year-old vines.

Winemaking: After careful selection, the grapes are sun-dried for 4-6 days. The vinification takes place at temperatures between 14-18.5ºC with addition of selected yeast strains, in order to unfold the unique aromas of the variety. When the desired level of sugars and alcohol is reached, the fermentation is stopped by cooling,.The wine matures on the fine lees in French oak for 14 years!

Personality: Dark, brick-red color resulting from its long ageing. Sweet and intense aromas of dried fruits, raisins and honey with persisting and opulent aftertaste.