the Company

In the village Kounavi, the heart of the Appellation Zone of Peza in Crete, since 1973 we make wine from the island’s indigenous grape varieties, based on our knowledge and passion. We bring to light the special characteristics of international grape varieties while exploiting the viniculture potential of our homeland.

The name of the village where our winery is situated proves our long winemaking tradition, since it originates from the historical wine cellars “Kanaves” that are found in the islands of the Archipelago (Aegean Sea).

Our wines are distributed, apart from the Greek market, in 25 countries all over the world. We have won medals in renowned Greek and international wine competitions. Certified with four quality systems from the raw material to the final product, we offer unique wines to all of you who consider wine as a lifestyle!

The “terroir” of our vineyards, our positive energy, our passion and deep knowledge, have resulted in wines created to offer you unique experiences.